Women's Counseling Cell

Dr.R. Malarvizhi Mangayarkarasi, Co-Ordinator

  • Girls Students' Counselling Cell takes care of the well being, welfare and personal development of the girls. It works towards developing their personality and self-esteem. Our on-site counselling system provides support to the girls and enables them to understand and resolve their problems.

  • Objectives

    • This cell has been working for resolving all the security issues by keeping a close watch and giving parental guidance to the girl students.
    • The Cell has been active since its inception in holding talks, competitions and awareness drives on women issues. The cell organized interactive session on gender issues for students.
    • The key areas of this girl students counseling cell are like individual counselling, group counselling, motivation, educational guidance, resolving depression.


    • " Women Proceedings and Empowerment " Program is Organized on 16/12/2015 by Dr.Subashini, LeadIT Architect, Europe Middle East and Africa, Enterprise Service, Hewlett-Packard Germany.
    • " Women's Day Celebration is Orgranized on 08/03/2016 by the Womens Counceling Cell Presided by Dr.M.Eyini, Principal, Thiagarajar College, Madurai.
    • Women's Day Competition has been conducted on 16/03/2016 on Road Safety Meet-Verse Writing, Turn coat, painting/drawing , Vegetable carving ,Solo Song, Classical Dance, Group Dance, Skit Competition are the various competiotions organized ,under Girls Student Guidance cell in Association with radio mirchi,(FM radio) and Fine Arts Club.

    Women's Counseling Cell