Activities Organized
Date Department Title
15.05.2020 Chemistry Functional Novel Materials for Electrochemical Sensors and Energy Storage Devices
27.05.2020 Chemistry Metal Free Photocatalyts for Environment Enhancing
29.05.2020 English Enhancing Language And Literature
31.05.2020 Zoology Bio-Nano Interface
05.06.2020 Commerce & Business Adminsitration Economic Impact of Global
12.06.2020 Botany Effects of COVID-19 on Environment
15.06.2020 Tamil மொழிபெயர்ப்புத் திறன் ஆக்கமும் அவசியமும்
19.06.2020 Economics Indian Economy
20.06.2020 Mathematics Theory of Graphs - An Emerging Field of Research
20.06.2020 Computer Science Smarter way to Integrate
03.07.2020 Physics Stable Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Halide
Perovskite Nanocrystals for LEDs
14.07.2020 to 17.07.2020 Women Study Center Webinar Series
12.08.2020 Women Study Center Grooming and Aesthetics
26.08.2020 to 29.08.2020 NSS NSS- Webinar Series
27.10.2020 Psychology The Mental Health Awareness Webinar
27.11.2020 IQAC Live Web Seminar on Strategies for Accelerating NAAC Accreditation Preparations
23.02.2021 Chemistry Fear not, for there is a way - (Science Day Celebration)
08.03.2021 Botany Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation
15.03.2021 Botany Native Rice
16.03.2021 NSS-62 Unit Entrepreneurship and Innovation
17.03.2021 Botany Start up Strategies in Medicinal Botany
19.03.2021 NSS-62 Unit Basic of Startup: Trigger Your Passion
23.03.2021 Tamil Pulavar Vizha
25.03.2021 Nature Club Agriculture and Entrepreneurship