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Library Details

Books Details
No. of Books : 1,04,359
Text Books : 99,502
Reference Books : 4,857
World Bank Repository : 253
Competitive Examinations : 1,405
Book Bank : 1571
Special Collection
  • 60 Talking Books (Rotalk-audio cassettes for blind students)
  • Charts and Maps
  • Rare Books Corner
  • New Arrivals Corner
  • Encyclopedia Enclave
  • News Paper Corner
  • E-Resources -164 Nos.
Grants Availed
UGC: Text Book, Plan Block Grant, Basic Grant, Fist, UG, PG & M.Phil Development Scheme, SAL, COSIP, COHSSIP, Vocational, Autonomy, Revival of Old Reputed College (ORC), SC/ST Remedial Coaching, COP –VOC & VOCA, MHRD
Books acquired under special schemes
    UGC Merged Schemes
  • Equal Opportunity Centre.
  • College in Backward Area.
  • Coaching for NET/SLET for SC/ST/OBC and Minority.
  • Coaching classes for Entry in Service.

  • DST-FIST - Botany & Zoology
  • Star College Scheme - Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Bio Resource Management
  • Major Research Project, Minor Research Project
  • MOEF Project, CICT Research Project
Open Access System
In the Open Access System, readers have the privilege of direct access to the shelves in the stock rooms and the reading room. Books on the same subjects are kept together with those on related subjects.
Books Issue System
Books are issued to students, staff and research scholars. Students have full access to the library.
    Number of Tickets issued to students studying under various courses are as follows:
  • UG : 3
  • PG : 4
  • M.Phil. : 4
  • Ph.D. : 5
Journals / Magazines / Newspapers
  • International Jouranl :11
  • Indian Journals :54
  • Magazines :37
  • Online Journals :INFLIBNET+DELNET(Developing Library Network)
  • News Paper :10
Digital Library Section
Two Separate Computers for Visually challenged Students and 10 Computers for Students activities with free internet provisions.
Back Volume Section
There are 731 Back Volumes. The valuable Back Volumes are exclusively for the scholars, staff and visitors for their research work.
Reference Section
The Library has 4238 reference books. The section holds encyclopedias, dictionaries and gazettes, 1162 competitive examination books, biographies and previous year’s model question papers, etc. Readers need to access their resources from the reference collection. Reference books are not for lending. They can be used inside the library and if needed can be photocopied.
    Separate reading room facility for
  • Students : Yes
  • Staff : Yes
  • Number of department libraries :15
  • Central Library is automated -Name of the automation software used :"MODERNLIB"
  • Department Library is also automated -Name of the automation software used :"MODERNLIB"
Gate Register
The manual In – Out time registration is replaced by Digital Gate Registration. This process includes a simple scanning of Barcode available in Students Identity Card. All the details of the Students will be stored automatically.
OPAC System:(Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • OPAC System which enables the students to stature the exact location of the book and to access it. This system is friendly for the Library Staff to reshelf the books to its original position.
  • This system grants information about the unavailable books like its Borrower’s Name, Roll number, Returning date and Reservation if any, so that the User can plan accordingly.
  • This system also provides the user’s Due date, Return date and Fine details.
  • No manual changes can be made to the above mentioned constraints for the Readers.
Issue / Return Books:
  • Books borrowed from Library may be returned on any working day of the Library, but maximum due allowed is fifteen days.
  • Books should be returned on or before the last date stamped on the Return Slip in the books. If that date, however happens to be a holiday, the next working day will not be considered as due date, student should return their book the day before holiday.
  • Books of reference should not be taken out of the Library.
  • A student’s absence from the college on the due date will not be considered as a valid reason for failure to return a book on that date.
Arrangement of Books:
  • The books are arranged according to their subjects in separate racks with those related subject book’s racks are kept next to them.
  • The locations of books are fed to computers for easy access.
  • Identification Stickers are provided to reshelf the books, which reduces Library staff’s work.
Reading Hall
The library reading room is open to all members of the college. Strict silence and decorum are maintained in the library.
  • CDs/DVDs : 258 Nos.
  • E-Resources : 4,026 Nos.
  • Other AV(Audio Visual) resources : 60 Audio Cassettes for blind students
Co-curricular Field Libraries
  • Physical education
  • N.C.C. Navy
  • N.C.C. Army with reading room
  • Youth Red Cross Society
and a separate library at the hostel.

Services / Facilities in the Library