An Autonomous Institution Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University
  (Re-Accredited with A-Grade by NAAC - 2007)

#139-140, Kamarajar Salai, MADURAI - 625009, India
Tel: +91 452 2311875 / Fax: +91 452 2312375 /


College Map, Campus Trees, Post Office and Canteen

1.Security Cabin
2.Computer Centre
3.College Office
4.Principal's Office
5.Deans' Office
7.Conference Hall
8.Main Hall [Auditorium (Ground Floor), Department of Botany (First Floor)]
9.Secretary's Office
10.Students' Rest Area
11.Department of Chemistry (Ground Floor) & Physics (First Floor)
12.Chemistry Research Room
13.Department of Chemistry (Ground Floor), Department of Physics (First Floor), Controller of Examinations (Basement)
14.Ilango Illam (NCC Army & Navy Non Resident Students Centre)
15.Gas Room
16.Gents Toilet
17.Generator Room
18.New Auditorium (Department of Commerce, Mathematics and Business Administration)
19.Women's Hostel
20.Women's Hostel Dinning Hall
21.Department of Zoology and Microbiology
22.Department of Computer Science
23.Women's Rest Room
24.Sewage Treatment Plant
25.Vermicompositing Unit
26.Rain Water Harvesting Tank
27.Men's Hostel
28.RO Plant
29.Dinning Hall
30.Gents Toilet
31.PG Block : Department of Economics (Ground Floor), Department of Tamil (First Floor), Department of English (Second Floor)
32.Library (Three Floors)
33.Reading Room (Ground Floor), Women's Studies Centre and Women's Indoor Games (First Floor)
34.Two Wheelers Parking
35.Car Parking
36.Lotus Tank
37.Post Office (Basement), Tamil Isai Research Centre (Ground Floor)
38.Canteen (Basement), Department of Physical Education and National Testing Service (Ground Floor)
40.Net House - Department of Botany


The post office is situated adjacent to the canteen. It provides the students a facility to write letters to their parents, though writing letters has become an outdated art. Students send various forms of applications to different places from within the campus.


The canteen provides the staff and the students a means for quenching their thirst and feeding their hungry stomachs in the midst of their busy academic schedule. It remains a much-sought place and always reminds one of the couplet in the Thirukkural, “One will be provided with food for stomach, when there is no food for ear”.

CAMPUS TREES           Explore the trees
Trees are among the best creators of Mother Nature. Trees beautify places and naturally become as everyone’s choice for landscaping.

Hundreds of trees, comprised of 70 species, belonging to 32 botanical families, have been planted inside the college campus. Every body walk inside the campus could enjoy the shade and breeze of the trees; the fragrance emerges out from the neem and divi-divi trees’ flowers is pleasantly smelling; a walk on the flower bed beneath the ayal vagai trees; most attractive colourful flowers of Chenkondri trees’ blossom make our mind peaceful and the Thangaarali trees’ perfect blend of green foliage with all times yellow flower is yet another attraction of the campus.

Butterflies, bees, wasps, flies and insects are busy enough buzzing on these flowers for their sweet honey-bearing nature; birds, bats, lizards, squirrels, spiders, ants and insects find the trees as their perfect abodes and for the fruits from the trees. This association of living creatures thus creates an ecosystem and thus trees are formed as the fostering ecosystem. In this regard, Thiagarajar College Campus Trees are not only benefiting, but also educating everyone on the strength of association among the organisms, extending towards sustainable life.

The collection of the trees include rare tree species of santalum, manja kadamban (related species of Shalavirusham of Godess Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple, Madurai), kumil, soap-nut tree with the genuine mix of beneficial exotic trees.

The list of trees and description with the original photos are provided. The uses of the trees and other details are available for each tree mentioned in this list.