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Thiagarajar Publication

Current Publications

  Amma’s biography, Radha Thiagarajan Remembered, by her daughter-in-law Dr.Uma Kannan, is a rich, balanced portrait, which celebrates this extraordinary visionary and her multifarious accomplishments. Anecdotes, photographs, contributions from family, friends and close associates, a selection of Amma’s own speeches and writings, as well as a synopsis of her books and doctoral thesis give the reader more insights of Amma’s vibrant personality and ideals, and unravel why she shone as a charismatic role model, particularly for women.
  The Proceedings of the national seminar on "Issues and Strategies of Women Empowerment : Vision 2020" organised by the Women's Studies Centre of our college has brought into print select research papers on this topic which were presented in the national seminar.

Previous Publications

  Madurai and Its Jasmine, A Celebration, is a treasure trove of facts, the folklore, the religious and the commercial face of malli and more. It is a tribute to the flower that has a link with Madurai dating back to 300 B.C., or even earlier. The author draws from the extensive references to the flower in Sangam literature.

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  A Dictionary of Literary Terms in Tamil
(தமிழ் இலக்கியக் கலைச் சொல் அகராதி)

This book is published under the COHSSP grant of U.G.C. The Preface of the book emphatically announces that Thiagarajar College is the first college to make a dictionary of cultural terms found in ancient Tamil literature. The dictionary explains words, their meanings, their semantic classification and quotations which contain these words. The book contains useful information that can be referred to by the research scholars. The first edition was published in Dec 1987.

  Alai per Arasar Karumuttu Thiagarasar
(ஆலைப் பேரரசர் கருமுத்து தியாகராசர்)

The book is an abridged form of Alai Per Arasar, Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar first published in 1999. The book contains the life history of Thiagarajan Chettiar. Having been lived in the pre-independence day, he could contribute a lot to the freedom struggle apart from his personal progression. Whatever be he did, he could transcend the persons self and manifest himself as a embodiment of virtues. The book brings out the glorious days of Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar as they were lived by him. The book has seen three more editions in subsequent years in 2002, 2006 and 2011. All these editions prove that there is still a compelling demand for the book.

  Lecture by Thamilaruvi Manian
(தமிழருவி மணியனின் பேருரை)

The College has also published a small pamphlet containing the speech of Tamilaruvi Manian delivered on the occasion of 62nd College Day in 2011. The book contains the speaker’s vision and mission. In his speech, he has concentrated on the good qualities of mankind. He emphasized on the fact that everybody should become a world citizen transcending the barriers of Caste and Class. In his speech he has classified the difference between information, knowledge and wisdom. He emphasizes the importance of mother tongue and narrated the techniques of learning.

  Thiruvarud-ch-cheyalgal (The Divine Sports) (திருவருட் செயல்கள்)

The book aims at giving a cosmic approach to the divine activities of God. It also aims at giving, as a message, hope and faith in heavenly ways. In spite of the growth of Science and technology, man needs spiritual guidance and deliverance of God is an essential one. The grace of God can be realized through various activities. The being and becoming of man is under the divine grace of God. The book contains psalms written by Saivaite devotees and Vaishaavite devotees.

  Ilakkia Muthukkal (Pearls of Literature) (இலக்கிய முத்துக்கள்)

Ilakkia Muthukkal is a collection of essays written by eighteen authors. All the essays are written by eighteen authors who belong to the faculty of Tamil Department. The essays are varied both in scope and in perspective. They cover the wide spectrum of Tamil literature from various angles. Of these eighteen essays, four are didactic and religious in nature. Some other essays talk about the divine grace of Saints like Manivasakar, Kumaraguru Adigal and Vallalar. Three more essays focus on the experience in the Agam Poetry. Another three essays give a comprehensive view about Thiruvalluvar, Mahatma Gandhiji and Bharathiyar. As it has been already said the book purports to give a wide spectrum of experience to the readers.

  Vaiyai-P-Pookakl (The Flowers of Vaigai) (வையைப் பூக்கள்)

Vaiyai-P-Pookkal is a collection of essays written by the faculty of Tamil Department. The book is in two parts. The first part contains eight essays and the second part contains eight essays. The first part covers a wide of range of topics from an essay on Manikkavasakar to the concept of Agam in Thirukkural. The second part starts with an essay on a comparative study of Pari Padal and Dhivyua-P-Prabhantham. It culminates with an essay on the concept of Divine Marriage in Thiruvasakam.

  Mathura Malargal (Fragrant Flowers) (மதுர மலர்கள்) (செய்யுள் தொகுப்பு)

Mathura Malargal is a collection of poems from ancient Tamil Literature and to Modern Tamil literature. The book contains poems from Kurunthogai, Pura Naanooru and Thirukkural and Naladiyar. Poems from devotional literature like Thevaram and Thiruvasakam also find a place as the sweet petals of this fine flower of fragrance. Since the book is published to cater to the needs of students, it presents poems from modern literature where there is a fine chance of good appreciation of simple poetry in simple language. Modern literature contains the poems of Bharathiyar, Bharathidasan, Vaira Muthu and Arivu Mathi. The book also contains a glossary of technical terms used in B.Com., and B.B.A. both is Tamil and in English.

  Siva Gnana Botha - th – Theliporul (சிவஞான போதத் தெளி பொருள்)

Siva Gnana Botha - th – Theliporul is a small book written by A. Anandarasan. The book is an attempt to give a comprehensive view about Saiva Siddhantham. The book Talks about various basic concepts in Saiva Siddhantham like Pathi, Pasu, Pasam (The Divine Trinity of God). The book is a philosophical treatise on various aspects of self and how the self can transcend the barriers and ultimately attain the divine feet of God. The book talks about the ways of God and the ways of Man. The book has twelve chapters and each chapter is devoted to explain a poem in detail.

  ThiruMurrai-P-Perumai (The Pride of Thirumurai) (திருமுறைப்பெருமை)

Originally published by Pandit Swaminathan in 1911, this book is a re-edition of the original one. The book contains portions of many didactic and devotional concepts of basic ideas in Saiva Siddhantham. It presents ideas based on prosody and it talks about the concepts in a very lucid way in order to indulge very deeply in the concepts. It follows an alphabetical order in which the poems from Devaram are critically analysed. The critical insight is scholarly and readability is one of the characteristics of this philosophical book.

  Kavi Malarkal (கவிமலர்கள்)
  Tamilaruvi (தமிழருவி) - செய்யுள் தொகுப்பு
  Kavi Malai (கவி மாலை) - செய்யுள் தொகுப்பு
  Cheyul Thoguppu (செய்யுள் தொகுப்பு)
  Alai per Arasar Karumuttu Thiagarasar (ஆலைப் பேரரசர் கருமுத்து தியாகராசர்)